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I have noted the cart has been doing weird things since I got back from vacation. If you experience any problems placing an order, please contact me by email at heirloomsbysharon@gmail.com  I believe the cart is also not updating quantities which means you have to go back and add any duplicate items manually. It is also not changing from Canadian shipping when you select USA.  If the shipping seems excessive please contact me and I can weigh your order and correct the shipping for you. If you continue to have problems just email me your order and I will send you a PayPal invoice.  This will save all the frustration with having to fight with the site.  I have no clue how to fix this problem.

 In order to ensure you have the correct destination country's  shipping applied please wait until you have all the items you wish to purchase in your cart and then use the drop down box on the cart page to select your country when checking out, so the correct shipping is applied.  If I pick up that the shipping is incorrect before the order is shipped, I will offer to send more product or a credit. Also if you are ordering multiple items from overseas, it is possible the shipping will over calculate.  I recommend you're emailing me first with your order so I can ensure you do not get overcharged for shipping. 

   Please read my shipping policies page with regard to lost orders. 

Due to the increased costs of overseas shipping I encourage you to contact one of the distributors in your country to place your orders.

For UK orders please visit Lucy's site below or contact her at Lucyhenderson53@yahoo.com 

If you click on each photo you will find pricing for the different colors of mylar.


For Mylar orders in France you can now purchase from creatricesbroderiemachine


For orders in South Africa please visit Santi at


or here http://embroiderygoodiessa.com/designs.aspx?c=7

For Australia and New Zealand orders you can now purchase here


 Please visit Anja at the following site to place your orders in the Netherlands


 I am still looking for a distributor in Canada.  If you have a current website and are interested please email me at heirloomsbysharon@gmail.com 


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