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OPAL & Colored Opals - Design Film for Embroidery 5 large sheets one color


COLORED Opalescent Film suitable for Embroidery designs requiring mylar. It is fully washable and can be dried on a low heat in the dryer. Once embroidered on, it can be ironed under a press cloth. I recommend these as the best colors for items to be laundered.

Please note the Blue Opal is the clearest of all the iridescent opal colors and the most popular.

There are 10 Opal shades available in this larger size.

I now have new stock of  #14 and #15

This is for a quantity of 5 sheets of 1 color.  

All opal colors measure approximately 15" x 36" with the exception of  Opal and colored opal number  #18 which measure 18" x 30".  New stocks of White Satin Opal and Blue Opal now measure 30.75" x 17.5".

See drop down box for additional colors.  Please note when your place an order for 1 lot of 5 sheets and select for example COPAL#11 or COPAL #18  you will only get 5 sheets of that color only,  not a mix.  If you want additional colors you need to select them using the drop down box and add them to the cart.  I also stock mixed packs of all the Opal colors. As these are new I am still updating the site.

Please ensure you select your correct country before checking out so that the correct shipping is applied

The second picture shows the Mylar scrunched up with gives even more sparkle and interesting effects.  More pictures will be available soon in the Photo gallery.  The third picture shows the difference between Opal, Blue Opal and White Satin Opal.

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