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Angelina Fiber - Straight Cut Hot Fix 16 color sampler pack


1/10th of an ounce of each of the 16 available colors of the Straight Cut Heat Bondable Angelina

Colors included are:

AG10322 Aurora Crystalina, AG10323 Blue Magic, AG10324 Violette Crystalina, AG10325 Mint Sparkle, AG10327 Cobalt Sparkle, AG10328 Raspberry Sparkle, AG10329 Lemon Sparkle, AG10361 Forest Blaze, AG10362 Peacock,  AG10363 Wisteria, AG10364 Ultraviolet, AG10374 Calypso Blue, AG10375 Key Lime, AG10376 Watermelon, AG10377 Sugar Plum, AG10378 Cotton Candy

Photos in the Photo Gallery of the different individual colors.

Packed in Separate labeled bags.

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