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4x4x4 Angelina, Foil & Mylar


This great starter pack contains the following:

16 Color 4" x 4" Foil Sampler Pack

18 color 4" x 4" Angelina Film Sampler Pack

11 color 4" x 4" Opal and colored Opal sampler pack

Bonus free 4 neon colors  4" x 4" sampler

Bonus free trial foil & glitter glue

These wonderful foils can be used to embellish so many items from clothing to greeting cards, glassware and a multitude of other uses. The foils need to be applied using either a special foiling glue or glue pen. I have the fine tip ballpoint glue pens for sale also as well as bottles of flexible foil and glitter glue which is fully washable.

Want to try Angelina Film?  This is a great way to give it a try and sample all 18 colors in a handy 4" x 4" size.  Once you decide which colors you like best, you can purchase larger quantities at a later time.

Colored opal mylar - just a taste to see which colors you like.  Available in sizes from 4" x 4" right up to 18" x 30"

Overseas customers please note

Because the included free foil glue necessitates sending your order by parcel post, this makes the shipping very expensive.  If you would like your order without the pot of glue, I can send this much cheaper.  You would need to email  me first so I can get back to you with the shipping price.  

Due to increased prices from USPS on international shipping, if ordering this item plus other items, please email me so I can calculate correct shipping before you order,as it is almost impossible to calculate multiple item shipping.

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