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Lesley Riley's TAP -Transfer Artist Paper - Pack 5


Transfer Artist Paper - 5 sheets - Limited stock available

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Tranfers on Fabric


No Hand! Once transferred, the image is fused into the fibers of the fabric. It virtually becomes a part of the material.


Stretch It! After the image his cooled, you can stretch the fabric and it will have no impact on the image. It will not even crack!


Versatility of Applications! You have the ability to apply this paper to 100% Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, Lycra blends, Genuine Leather and many more substrates.


Iron it! The chemist created this paper with the ability to iron out wrinkles by applying the iron directly onto the image without an overlay sheet. The image will not be affected at all. This feature also allows you the opportunity to add additional images to your quilt or project without the need to worry about peeling previous images off.


Wash-ability! An image applied using this paper can be washed in a bleach cycle without the worry of any bleeding.


Crayons, Markers & Coloring Pencils! You can not only place these sheets in the inkjet printer, this product has been formulated to accept drawings or designs made with crayons, markers and coloring pencils which you can iron onto substrates. Indefinite washing will have no impact on these color materials as well.

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