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50 sheets pre-cut 9" x 9" Opal colors


9" x 9" (22.85cm x 22.85cm) 5 of each of the following 10 colors

  5 each Opal, White Satin Opal, Blue Opal and 5 each Colored Opal numbers #10, #11, #13, #14, #15, #18, and #20

Picture shows

Blue Opal, White Satin Opal, and Numbers # 10 through #20 - Colors pictured left to right Blue Opal on the left, #20 on the right. There is no #12 or #17. 

Total 50 sheets

Third Picture shows the same colors scrunched up which gives a much nicer sparkly effect.

Just like the regular Opal, the new colored Opal shades are full washable and can be layered to create deeper tones. They can also be mixed to create new colors. I hope to get some stitch outs done soon and will put the results in the photo gallery.

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