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Craft Beads 5oz bag - 4 color mixes available


Pink mix -  16 different beads ranging in size from approximately a 1/4 inch up to 1/2  an inch. 

There are 4 different colors in this 16 bead mix.  Each color set has a mixture of Pony Beads, Melon beads, round beads, faceted beads and tri beads.  There are 8 different beads in 2 color types, Solid and translucent.  

Use the drop down box to choose from Pink, Red, Yellow or Orange mix.  These are also available in a 13 bag mix for $14.95 which is the most economical way to purchase, as they will be sent by priority mail box.  

To get a better look at each set, go to the Photo Gallery and view as a slideshow.  You will see all the available colors and styles of these beads.  Each 5oz bag contains several hundred beads.  I am not counting these as it is too time consuming, so all bags are done by weight.

Unfortunately shipping on these for the USA is $3.55 and overseas is a lot more since usps just doubled there overseas shipping costs..  I recommend if you are wanting more than one pack to email me your order, so I can calculate a better shipping price for you.  Please remember to include your Zip.

Due to increased prices from USPS on international shipping, if ordering this item plus other items, please email me so I can calculate correct shipping before you order,as it is almost impossible to calculate multiple item shipping.

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