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Green Flower Wood Beads


Beautiful Hand painted wooden beads

These lovely light weight wooden beads from thebeadery.com come in packs of 15 beads (8 large Barrel shape and 7 small round) Joann's use to stock them but I believe they are now discontinued.

Stock number is 1415H .35oz/10g

Compare to http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0018PW N4W?ie=UTF8&seller=A2K0NOA2SAP4VG&am p;sn=Kadillac%20Kollectibles

There are enough beads to make a bracelet or combine more packs to make a necklace or use the larger beads to make one of a kind earrings. You are only limited by your imagination.

This is for one pack of 15 beads but you can save more by buying 3 packs of 15 making a total of 45 beads - for only $5.85 (See listing for the 3 packs)

Due to increased prices from USPS on international shipping, if ordering this item plus other items, please email me so I can calculate correct shipping before you order,as it is almost impossible to calculate multiple item shipping.

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