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100% Heavy Weight Wool fabric in 5 colors- 1/3 of a yard (12" x 60")


1/3 rd of a yard - 12" long by 60 inches wide $9.95 This Listing  - Use drop down box to select your color

Colors are Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Fire Engine Red (Scarlet), Rifle Green (Hunter Green) and Charcoal. Please note these colors are difficult to photograph. The main photo showing all colors appears lighter than they actually are. I have included other pictures which I have gather from the web which I feel is a closer match to the colors I have. Every monitor shows colors differently, but it is the best I can do.

Wool weights vary from a very heavy Rifle Green which is approximately a 20 ounce weight down to the lightest which is the Navy Blue at approximately 12 ounces. All colors are suitable for use for coats, hats, berets, scarves and can also be used for felting. I would describe the weight on most of them as a Navy pea coat or heavy winter coat weight.

I have limited quantities of this fabric. All is new, unused and uncut on a roll. I will cut to your requirements if desired, just contact me. Widths are 60 inches wide unless stated otherwise.

See all three listings:

1/6th of a yard - 12" long by 30 inches wide $5.95

1/3 rd of a yard - 12" long by 60 inches wide $9.95  This Listing

Buy 4 pieces each a different color for $24.95 including shipping within the USA. Canadian payments add $2.00, Other Countries add $7.50. Each piece measures 12" x 30" This wool is heavy and bulky to ship so you will need to contact me for larger quantities so I can weigh your requirement and invoice you with the correct shipping and handling for your order.

Due to increased prices from USPS on international shipping, if ordering this item plus other items, please email me so I can calculate correct shipping before you order,as it is almost impossible to calculate multiple item shipping.

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