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Jewels Pack 9" x 9" approx.


This new pack consists of 35 sheets approximately 9" x 9"

Colors included are 

10 Pretty Pearl and 5 each White Satin Opal, Aztec Gold, Jade Jewel, Crinkle Red  and Clear Sparkle

I ran out of Lovely Lavender and Magenta.  These colors have been replaced with White Satin and an addtitional 5 sheets of Pretty Pearl.  I will put up a new photo soon showing the new colors.

These sheets are a different thickness than the regular Mylar sheets. Some of them are a foil. The Pretty Pearl really shines like Mother of Pearl and the Clear Sparkle is clear with little iridescent dots on it. These colors can be laid over the top of the other colors to get some really interesting effects.  The Pretty Pearl is also a bit stretchy so would be great for t-shirts and knits.

The Pretty Pearl and the Clear Sparkle are also available individually or in a 2 color split in the 50 sheet 4" x 4" samplers, just use the drop down box to select the colors.  Both these colors are fully washable.




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