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20 Sheet pack of Pretty Pearl

$11.50 $13.50

This pack was for 10 large sheets of each of the Pretty Pearl and Clear Sparkle film

I am out of stock of the Clear Sparkle in the large sheets so this pack is now 20 Sheets of Pretty Pearl only.

Please note these films are not Mylar but a different kind of film.

The Pretty Pearl is a semi opaque film and is very thin and slightly stretchy.  It has a beautiful sheen and washes really well.  The large sheets measure 25.75" x 17.75"

The Clear Sparkle is a thicker clear film with a small dot pattern embedded in the film.  It is also fully washable and measures 25.75" x 20"

First photo shows several stacked sheets of each color - Pretty Pearl to the left and Clear Sparkle on the right.  In the second photo there is only 1 sheet of each shown over a Teflon pressing cloth.  These are difficult to photograph. 

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