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5ml Teflon craft sheet 10" x 20"


This amazing non stick craft sheet has many uses. Firstly it is 5 mil (0.125mm) thick. The second picture shows the 3ml sheet on the left and the 5 ml on the right. Some of the uses are working with polymer clay, paints, glue, interfacing, candle wax, soldering, embossing, stamping, pretty much any craft you would like to do. This sheet protects your work surface and has a lovely smooth wipe clean surface. For dried on paints, glue etc. let dry then just use a credit card to scrape it off. It can be washed or cleaned with wet wipes.

This thicker sheet is also used on heat presses to protect the heated surfaces.

I mostly use mine for pressing Angelina fiber and films and delicate fabrics. I also use it for polymer clay and my Shiva Painstiks. I also have one I have been using as a cookie sheet in my oven. I have used it for fish, fries, chicken breasts etc. Nothing sticks to eat and it makes for an easy clean up and protects your pans. It will last you for years and years.


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