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Newly added category - Great for last minute Christmas gifts

I have already added some beautiful warm and cozy pashmina's and will be adding some stunning Fashion Jewelry (Costume Jewelry) over the next few days.  I have some beautiful Jewelry sets and single items.  I am branching out into the Jewelry making business and plan to make some wonderful one of a kind pieces in the coming months. 

Be sure to keep checking back in the GIFTS  section on the side navigation bar in the coming weeks. 

7 New Colors just added in a pack called Jewels.  These are currently  available in a 4" x 4" and 9" x 9" size.  You can view the colors more closely in the Photo Gallery or download this pdf

7 New Colors.pdf

 which has lots of pictures and information. 

Great news!  New and improved White Mylar back in stock.  This new white film is glossy both sides and doesn't have the chemical smell that the other white had.  It has passed all the torture tests and came through with flying colors.  I tested by putting a piece in boiling water and it was not affected at all.  I then ran it through a full long wash cycle and a full dryer cycle on medium heat and apart from a few creases it fared really well, no damage at all.

Although thin 48 gauge (12 microns) it is tough and doesn't tear easily, but if you snip the edge it will pull away cleanly so am sure once perforated, the excess will easily tear away from your designs.

The large sheets are available in lots of 5, 10, 20 and 50 sheets.  With the 9" x 9" packs, once they are all sold out, the new glossy white will be used.

The cut sheets are 18" x 30".  If you wish to purchase by the yard please contact me with your requirements. 

There is now a full range of  iridescent colored opals colors .


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In January 2016, the post office dramatically increased pricing on overseas parcels.  It particularly impacts First Class Mail parcels from 1 to 64 ounces.  The pricing is now broken up into 4 price categories.  

1 - 8 oz.,  9 - 32 oz,  33 oz to 48 oz and 49 oz to 64 oz. The pricing is the same whether your parcel is 2 oz or up to 8 oz.  And the same with the other 3 weight ranges.   The cost to post a flat rate priority envelope overseas has increased considerably also.    Unfortunately this increase is out of my hands and I have had to pass on the increase to my customers.


 For example a small padded envelope weighing under 2 ounces used to cost approximately $3.00 to Canada and is now $9.50.  For other countries it varies from $11.75 to $13.75 for parcels under 8 ounces.    I will always try to find the cheapest method possible to send your orders.  Sometimes they may be by large white envelope which would be sent first class mail flat with no tracking.  

  Overseas customers placing multiple items in their cart may find the shipping prices to be very high.  If this happens I will contact you and work to make the lowest price possible for your order.  If the difference is not a lot, I will add something extra to your order to make up the difference. If the price is much too high, I can cancel your order and send a new invoice with the amended correct pricing on it.  

Angelina Fiber and Film is now listed on the site. I also have super fine Glitter,Foils and foil glue, rubbing plates, stencils and much more.  I now carry the full range of Shiva Artists Paintstiks in both single sticks, mini sticks and sets of kinds.  

Full range of 35 ultra fine glitter now available in 5 gram stackable pots.  These will be available in 3, 6, 9 and 12 tower stacks.  I still have more to add and hope to have these all on the site in the next day or so.

I have also added a new page with Laces and Trims, many of which are hard to find and extremely beautiful laces.  Lots of nice cotton eyelet laces and other fancy trims with more to come.

  Surgical scalpels in 3 sizes each bundled with 20 blades (2 different sizes)

When ordering now, you will notice a drop down box in a lot of the different selections which allows for choosing for example, 5 opal, 5 gold 5 silver etc.  You can keep adding until you have all your color selections.  If you don't see something offered on my site, please do email me with your request and I will get back to you.